The New Trend in
Extended Test Drives and Car Rentals

Zoomist aggregates the largest selection of vehicles, available from dealerships, in the world.

When they aren’t being loaned or sold, they’re available to you :)

What is Zoomist?

Zoomist is the new trend in extended test drives and car rentals.

Try an extended test drive of the car you are considering purchasing, or just rent a car to drive around town for the weekend!

Short test drives aren’t fun!

Try a car out for longer before you buy

Try out a car alone.

No salesman to pressure you!

Rent a car for vacation, work, or fun on the weekend.

How Does It Work?

Dealerships have a bunch of cars, and they want you to drive them.

Dealerships have lots-o-cars on their lots. Some of the cars are used as loaner cars for service customers. But, when they aren't in use... they sit there. That's not good for business.

Drive the latest models.

Now, through Zoomist, dealers can make those cars available to the public for extended test drives and rentals.

Find a Local Dealer and Reserve Today.

Find a car at your participating local dealership and rent a car or take an extended test drive. View inventory, availability, read reviews, and make a reservation.

From super-performance to fuel-friendly and everything in between

Find Dealerships Local to You

Your perfect ride, Your personal choice, Your own terms

Start Zooming Today!